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The Help in LV app is designed to allow you to communicate with national emergency services or other help or support services, e.g. (medical advice, roadside assistance, aid's assistance etc.) using the latest information technologies and at the same time immediately inform the caller's own chosen Trusted persons about what has happened so that they can also step in and help if needed.

The app is available in Latvia on both iPhone (App Store) and Android (Play Market). Other countries and numbers (services) will be connected gradually or at the request of customers and/or service providers.

* If you live in another country and would like to use this app in your country, contact us to, and we can connect your country.

* The IT integration of state emergency and other services is not a mandatory requirement for the functioning of the application in your country - the service of Trusted persons can work without their IT integration.


The app allows (in Latvia):

1. To call:

1) any national emergency service (112, 113, 110, 114, 115).
2) the "Medical advice" service (Family Doctor Consultations service - FDCS*).

3) Make an SOS call to a number of your choice - a Trusted person (e.g. a family member, your aid or someone else). In case of an SOS call, the Trusted person will immediately receive a pop-up notification that you are calling due to an SOS case, see on the map where the call is coming from, etc.

in addition to the voice call, the app:

2. immediately informs automatically pre-selected people - Trusted persons (for each call number you can select your own Trusted persons). E.g. the senior's children are immediately and automatically notified with a pop-up if the senior calls 113, etc.

In addition to the pop-up, the Request list shows all calls made, where the Trusted person can get more detailed information about:

1) the fact of the call - which service was called, the time of the call;

2) where the call came from - with a GPS reference on a map;
3) the app allows all the Trusted persons
of the call (including the caller himself) to communicate within the Request via on-line chat (with photo attachment possibilities) and, if necessary, to coordinate their actions.

3. Despite the fact that at the moment the application can be downloaded only in the Latvian region (Apple Store/Google Play) and with Latvian settings, there are services that you can already use:

1) worldwide - SOS calls,  calls to FDCS*, Trusted Person Notification Service (e.g. call notifications with GPS on the map and other features can be received regardless of the location of the caller or their trusted person);
2) throughout the EU - calling 112 (as this number is the single EU emergency number).

(!) If the call is made to an Integrated Number, the integrated service provider may receive additional information from the caller - information from the Person's profile that would be needed to provide the service, a map with GPS, the possibility of parallel communication via on-line chat (with photo upload possibilities), etc.

The Family Doctor Consultations Service (FDCS) number 66016001 is a "Medical advice" line aimed at providing people with the possibility to receive medical advice outside the working hours of family doctors on how to deal with simple illnesses that do not require emergency medical attention.

*What is the "Medical advice" = Family Doctor Consultations Service (FDCS) and when should I call it?

The app includes many special adaptations for people with disabilities, special needs, seniors and their families (e.g. for the deaf - to communicate with the service using their sign language interpreter, to prepare an SMS to 112 (LV) with maximum automation, for multiple sclerosis sufferers to call the SOS number of their Trusted person with a special message, GPS, etc.)

The following are always specified by default in the app: 1) the emergency number of the country and 2) other services can be added (e.g. car evacuation, municipal police, etc.).

The "Help in LV" app solution has been created and integrated together with "Real-Time Information Exchange and Communication Platform" (more info).


Additional options:

  • If you think another service would be a good fit - email us, we can add and integrate other services (service providers) into the app.

  • If you think your company or organisation's service would fit in the phone list of the app, email us. In addition to adding phone numbers, we can also integrate the solution so that you can not only make a simple call, but also use other information exchange and communication platforms (including for the deaf) in the service delivery process (via an API, a WEB created for you, using a dedicated app, etc.).

  • App and platform adaptations can be particularly useful in the service (incl. social) delivery process of providers - a special version of the mobile application (B2C, P2P), web solution, API integration, integration with other external gadgets, etc.

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