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ADIPSD is a member of the Work group “Improving Communication between Emergency Services and People with Special Needs and Disabilities”.


On 10 December 2019, at the meeting of E-Government Sub-committee of the Sustainable Development Committee of the Saeima (Parliament of the Republic of Latvia, link to Parliament meeting info - in latvian), the ADIPSD noted important problems that currently exist in communication between emergency services and people with special needs and disabilities (persons with visual or hearing disabilities, persons with functional disorders, etc.), as well as came up with an action plan on how to correct the current situation and develop this communication in accordance with the level of modern technological development. The initiative of the ADIPSD was supported at the Sub-committee meeting (Protocol No. 15) and in March 2020, by order of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, the  relevant Work group was established (“Improving Communication between Emergency Services and People with Special Needs and Disabilities”). The task of the working group is to develop and implement in Latvia an advanced information exchange and

communication model for communication with emergency services, creating and adjusting the legal and regulatory framework accordingly.

The Work group includes, public institutions (ministries, emergency services, etc.) on the one hand and organizations representing people with special needs and disabilities on the other hand.


In addition to the Work group, the ADIPSD also actively participates in the development of other regulations (laws, regulations,  Electronic Communications Law, etc.), with the aim of incorporating in a timely manner norms that allow modern and innovative solutions for information exchange and communication for communication with state information systems (emergency services and other state institutions) to be implemented in the shortest possible time.

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