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Important! This description is not a list of all the possibilities of the platform, but a brief informative overview of only some of the main options provided by this solution, which any service provider can use and adapt to their business needs and capabilities.

Coding Station

The information exchange platform is not a final product, but an innovative digital tool (environment) that each service provider can use and adapt directly to its business processes and not only improve, but also expand the existing customer service with completely new options and services..

Incoming voice calls combined with the Solution (Workspace with additional information about the caller, their location on a map, an alternative communication channel, a tool with the possibility to engage other performers, integrate different mobile solutions, etc.) enables the service provider to take its existing customer service to a new level and at the same time expand the range of services offered by the company. The Solution is designed to be used by all people and service providers, without limitation!



Service providers can connect to the system using their own solutions - their own customer service system, their own mobile app, create a new app for themselves in a short time or add their own mobile app - Help in LV (multiple solutions can be used at the same time). The Solution can also work if the call is made from a push-button phone.

The Solution is designed for communication with:

  • your customer;

  • ordinary callers (interested parties);

  • your business partner (local or foreign, who helps deliver services to the customer locally), etc;

  • your employee (if the service provider used their own - B2B version of the app).


In parallel to the voice call, a tailored Workspace is created (Rest API, web, etc.) for the SP:

  • the Workspace can be available on a desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phone, etc;

  • each person's Workspace may have its own amount of information and functions, as well as its own screen layout, depending on the functions to be performed;

  • the Workspace remains active for as long as the SP itself has determined (minutes/hours, etc.)

(!) Ability to quickly integrate other countries' numbers and services (incl. your partners) - e.g. when abroad, your customer immediately calls the service provider's foreign partner directly (to the partner's Workspace).


The Workspace enables to:

  • obtain information about the caller that may be vital for quality service delivery (personal information, information about the service to be used, previous calls, etc.);

  • obtain information about the caller's location (on a map);

  • use an alternative communication channel during the (voice) call - chat - to send additional information, hyperlinks, photos, etc;

  • keep in touch with the person after the (voice) call has ended - e.g. by sending additional information in a chat, etc., which will automatically be notified by a pop-up message;

  • inform selected customers by pop-up notifications or SMS.

To make the Solution work, a person can use the following to communicate with the SP:

  • push-button phone;

  • SP (already working) mobile app;

  • a dedicated mobile app (B2C or B2B versions) (e.g. when a customer calls the company, his agent, a group senior or an employee calls his company number, etc.);

  • a "Help in LV" app with their phone number integrated.

(!) The service provider can choose to use several options at the same time - using own application, adding its number to "Help in LV", etc.

Digitising services is in the interest of both customers and service providers - so feel free to email and call, we will be happy to help.

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