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The aim of the association is to promote the creation and development of a digital information and communication environment for people with special needs, disabilities, and the elderly, which could provide timely and effective assistance in emergency situations, as well as increase their quality of everyday life.


We emphasize the opportunities provided by digital technologies for timely and wide access to information, transparency and systematization, helping public administration institutions and services to respond in a timely manner to possible crisis situations.


We support the introduction of advanced standards (formats, information exchange procedures and protocols) for communication with state emergency services (including medic, fire, etc.) and with other services, institutions and organizations involved in crisis situation prevention and management both in Latvia and abroad, as well harmonizing these standards with the standards of other countries' services and international (including EU) organizations.


We believe that the development of advanced technologies, the use of innovative solutions and the mutual integration of platforms help to create a safer environment for vulnerable groups of the population and help to integrate them more fully and more easily into society.

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