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Shaking Hands

ADIPSD cooperate with Latvian State Emergency services and Non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) to promote not only the further development of existing solutions in the digital environment for people with special needs and disabilities, but also the creation of new innovative solutions, taking into account both the real needs of these groups and the latest, advanced technologies.

Within the framework of the Program "Integration of Services and Digital Solutions for People with Disabilities and Disabilities” (see the DIGITAL ENVIRONMENT INTEGRATION section) we gather opinions, develop a common position and coordinate our activities regarding the integration of digital solutions and services with National Information Systems (including emergency services).

Our Partners:

  1. Latvian Emergency services.

  2. Non-governmental organizations (NGO’s):

    • The Latvian Cooperation Organization for People with Special Needs - SUSTENTO;

    • Latvian Association of the Deaf;

    • Latvian Society of the Blind;

    • Latvian Multiple Sclerosis Association;

    • Latvian Deaf Support Association “”;

    • Riga Active Seniors Alliance;

    • Association for Caring for People with Mental Disabilities, “Riga city Child of Care";

    • etc.

  3. Service and solution providers .

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