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People with special needs and disabilities increasingly use various IT solutions on a daily basis - both mobile (mobile applications, special pendants, etc.) and stationary (built-in speakers / microphones, virtual wall, etc.), while Latvian emergency services from communication technologies currently use only voice call and SMS. Therefore, the aim of the ADIPSD is to integrate these various solutions so that the special needs groups could use the possibilities offered by these technological solutions when contacting the emergency services – using new data transmission and communication channels.

Therefore, the ADIPSD has developed a “Real-Time Information Exchange and Communication Platform” (hereinafter - the Platform), which is currently integrated with Emergency Rescue and support services (including the Emergency Service Doctor Consultations service). The Platform has been created within the framework of information exchange and communication model project implementation developed by the Work group (see the LEGISLATION section).

The Platform ensures that, when receiving the call, emergency services can see that additional information about the call number and other communication channels are available, which services may request and receive as necessary. The information (and/or 

communication channels) is delivered to the relevant service in a format specially developed for it (the format for each service is created separately, based on the specifics and needs of the service).


For example, people with hearing impairments will be provided with a full opportunity to communicate not only with emergency services (currently in the integration test phase), but also with the Emergency Medical Service's Family Doctor consultation line, which has not technically been available to them until now. The platform enables emergency services, upon receipt of a call, to identify that the person with a hearing impairment is calling and to understand that, in the case of a particular caller, it is necessary to switch to another, alternative communication channel - chat, video, etc..


The information received by the emergency services via the Platform may include additional information about the caller, location (map with GPS coordinates), event (photo / video), etc. as well as additional communication channel(s) (chat, video, audio).


The Platform was designed so that it could be quickly and easily integrated into any other country in the world (with local state emergency services, mobile applications, other solutions, and services), besides Latvia.

All personal information which becomes available to the emergency services at the time of the call is processed and only may be obtained with the prior consent of the data subject.

Also the Platform provides Civil Defence public information options.

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